The Zambra Online Resource Center

Why a Zambra Online Resource Center? Why Now?

Zambra is my cultural heritage and I am on a mission to rescue it from danger of extinction. Forbidden for centuries, Zambra (also known as Zambra Mora) is a Spanish dance and music tradition of Moorish, Sephardi, and Gitano origins that has survived against all odds, in different shapes and forms, for more than 500 years to become a cultural phenomenon during the first half of the 20th century. Unfortunately, after the 1980's, Zambra became an art in danger of extinction. Since 1994, I am devoted to research, revive, and rescue the Zambra traditions.

The Mission

With your generous support, I am developing The Zambra Online Resource Center to safeguard  this fascinating tradition and share it with new generations. I am also answering important research questions the international Zambra Mora community is asking while producing quality educational materials and additional resources for further study.


The Founder


I am Puela Lunaris, founder of Dances of the World Society. Since 1994, I am devoted to researching and rescuing different styles of Zambra Mora, especially the Flamenco forms I loved from childhood.

I was born and raised in Montánchez, an ancient village in Southwestern Spain with an impressive Morisco castle, which used to be part of al-Andalus. The women in the village sang Zambras a lot. Dancing to Zambras, now as when I was a child, give me a special power to bounce back no matter what challenges I am facing.

However, this is not just a personal quest. Zambra is an essential patrimony we need to protect because Zambra is a tradition of great significance for many dancers and musicians around the world. As part of Flamenco, it is on the UNESCO's List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

With your support, I am creating The Zambra Online Resource Center so you can benefit from my cultural heritage and my 25 years of extensive research. 

The Impact

The Zambra Center is an initiative of Raices Flamencas, Dances of the World Society’s program focusing on rescuing aspects of Flamenco in danger of extinction.

To this day, Zambra remains a major Flamenco and Copla style and it is also a vital Flamenco tradition as represented in the Zambras Gitanas del Sacromonte.

Furthermore, the Zambra Mora tradition has influenced outstanding classical composers and world-class guitar players like Maestro Sabicas, which in turn have had an impact on modern day composers, such as Rob Mastrianni of the celebrated Beatbox Guitar. Latin Grammy award winners, Ojos de Brujo, have also chosen to honor Zambra.

Moreover, Zambra Mora has become very popular among bellydancers worldwide. It was because of the requests of my Bellydance students, I produced my first Zambra educational video in 2002.

It’s now time to take it to the next level! I receive emails from dancers around the world asking questions like: Why was Zambra Mora forbidden? Who forbade them?  What are the differences in the Zambra styles? If Zambras were so popular, why did Zambra became an art in danger of extinction, what happened?

With your generous contributions, I am developing The Zambra Online Resource Center to answer the important questions the international Zambra Mora community is asking while producing additional resources for further study.

The Content


  1. Authentic Zambra music
  2. Zambra & Danza Mora musical scores
  3. Collector’s item historic photographs
  4. Rare footage from old films
  5. Spellbinding artwork and etchings
  6. Articles about the intriguing history of Zambra
  7. Essays about ethnography and culture
  8. Historical chronologies
  9. Free Zambra Dance Lesson
  10. Short films and digital storytelling
  11. Tributes to famous Zambra performers
  12. Homage to major Zambra composers
  13. Zambra Lyrics with Translation
  14. International Directory of Zambra teachers, dancers, musicians and scholars
  15. References for further study
  16. Space to ask questions and share answers
  17. Priceless Bonus! - Fascinating interviews with distinguished scholars and Gitano patriarchs.

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