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  • multimedia presentations,
  • exclusive videos,
  • transcriptions of lyrics,
  • curated discography,
  • handout downloads,
  • interviews with¬†flamenco experts¬†
  • live Q&A sessions,
  • community!

you will‚Äč experience not only performances, fiestas, and celebrations, but also you will have your questions answered about Flamenco as a Cultural Heritage!¬†

(Even if you can't make it live, you get access to the recordings until November 1st 2024)

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Enjoy with Me a Traditional Navidad Flamenca Celebration in My Native Spain through a Unique Multimedia Immersive Online Experience!

¬°Hola! I am Puela Lunaris, the founder of Dances of the World Society. I am devoted to rescuing dance and music traditions in danger of extinction.

In the ancient village in Southwestern Spain where I was born, during the long winter nights, neighbors gathered together, around the fireplace, to sing and dance to the rhythms of the tambourines, the zambombas (a Spanish friction drum), and whatever rhythm-producing utensils we could find in our kitchens.

Our elders sang the ancient Romances, which are ballads of breathtaking beauty that narrate soul-stirring stories from the times of our al-Andalus ancestors; we sang Villancicos, Christmas carols with a Flamenco flavor; and we also sang Coplas, traditional songs with sassy and mischievous lyrics.

That was so much fun! As a child, without even having to think about it, I absorbed profound lessons about life transmitted in the lyrics of the traditional songs and I learned to generate life force in my body by the power of the dance. 

But, the first big change in our traditional way of life happened when TV came in. We were all fascinated -almost hypnotized- by this magical box. Then, we all just watched TV and we did not gather to dance and sing any longer. Well… except for Christmas!

However, in most of Spain, neighbors no longer gather to sing and dance during the long winter nights, but there is a special place where the tradition continues… That is Jerez de la Frontera, the Flamenco Capital of the World!

In 2004, I felt the urgency to film and document this tradition before it was gone from the face of the earth because every time ancestral traditions are lost, we as species also lose the wisdom inherent in them.

Since 2004, I have been coming to Jerez to research and saveguard the traditional Navidad Flamenca called Zambomba. Now Jerez is my home! 

In 2010, UNESCO declared Flamenco an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity worth safeguarding, validating the  work we have been doing, at Dances of the World Society's Flamenco Roots Program, since 1994 preserving Flamenco as a folk art with its social practices, rituals, and festive events. 

Now, I want to share with you what Flamenco as a Living Culture is like through this Fun, Online Experience. If you can’t come to Spain, let me bring Spain to you! Would you join me?

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Discover little-known facts about Navidad Flamenca 

 The truth is that...


 Not All Winter Flamenco Recitals Are a Navidad Flamenca

Navidad Flamenca has a very specific repertoire, which you'll discover in this program!

Not Everything Sung during Navidad Flamenca is a Villancico

As you will see, there is a lot more than carols to Navidad Flamenca... 

There is lots of confusion (even in Spain) about the styles sung during Navidad Flamenca

In Our Core Program You Discover the Difference among
the Unique & Ancient Styles of Flamenco
Found in Our Traditional Navidad Flamenca!


Ancient ballads of breathtaking beauty narrating soul-stirring stories from the times of al-Andalus


A unique Flamenco Style, with spiritual overtones, that became associated with Christmas even though it is not a carol at all.

V I LL A N C I C O S  

United by a single language, carols are a rich holiday tradition of the Spanish-speaking world


Traditional songs, some with Jewish or Moorish origins, which found their way into Flamenco through luminaries such as Lorca or Camarón

Amazing Exclusive Content!

You Can't Find it Anywhere Else

  • What is Zambomba?
  • The Origins of Navidad Flamenca
  • Why the Traditional Navidad Flamenca Almost disapeared
  • How It Was Recovered 
  • How It Has Evolved
  • From The Neighbor’s Courtyards to the New Communal Spaces
  • What Is a Peña?
  • What Are Hermandades? 
  • Representation of Navidad Flamenca on The Stage

  • Tablaos
  • Theaters
  • Tabancos
  • Coros & Grupos 
  • Palos (Typical Styles in the Navidad Flamenca)

  • Campanilleros
  • Villancicos
  • Romances
  • Coplas & Canciones Populares
  • Bulerías
  • The Zambomba of Jerez beyond Jerez
  • The Internationalization of Navidad Flamenca

This Is a Unique Opportunity!
 Interactive Navidad Flamenca Experience
direct from Spain!

If you can't come to Spain, let me bring Spain to you! 


ūüĆļ By joining us in this online multimedia experience, you are¬†contributing to keeping alive our traditional Navidad Flamenca and expanding it beyond its physical environment into a conversation with the global flamenco community...

ūüĆļ We appreciate your support in keeping the purity of this tradition because when TV came into our lives, this tradition almost disappeared from the face of the earth. Even though it has been recovered, it is no longer what it originally was because our culture and our way of life has changed.

ūüĆļ¬†In this course, we'll explore and bring to light the spellbinding history, culture, and evolution of Navidad Flamenca, known as Zambomba in Jerez

ūüĆļ If you are a flamenco singer, dancer, guitar player or scholar, this program¬†is a priceless source of information and inspiration to expand your research and your repertory

Bonuses for Everyone

Bonus 1: What Is Aflamencamiento?

We'll explore one of the most heated and controversial discussions in the Flamenco world:  Can Flamenco be folklore? Can folklore be Flamenco? 
We'll also explore the fascinating process known as AFLAMENCAMIENTO

Bonus 2: The Making of a Zambomba

A Zambomba is both the name of the Navidad Flamenca celebrations in Jerez and the name of the traditional Spanish friction drum, which is made from a ceramic pot, topped with a skin or cotton cloth and a pole in the middle.

Let me take you behind the scenes, so you can take a look at how these very special home-made drums are traditionally put together.

Bonus 3: Bulerías de Jerez en Navidad

Bulerías is one of the most essential styles of Flamenco-Gitano. But what is the difference between the traditional Bulerías and the special Bulerías sung only during Christmas?

We'll explore this fascinating subject and you'll gain access to illuminating examples, including collector's item multimedia material and exclusive videos filmed in the intimate home settings of the great gitano dynasties. Something no outsider has access to.

Paid-in-Full Bonuses

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Bonus 1: Navidad Flamenca & the Stars of Flamenco

Find out how famous dance companies in Spain and internationally are using the Navidad Flamenca tradition to create exciting repertoire and achieve great success.

Bonus 2: Navidad Flamenca Filmography, Discography & Accurate Lyrics

Discover legendary films featuring Navidad Flamenca tradition. Also, listen to magnificent, genuine Flamenco music that perhaps you never heard before. Gain access to well-researched, accurate lyrics. This is a priceless treasure if you are a flamenco professional, as it can enormously enhance your repertory and inspiration to present a genuine Navidad Flamenca!

Bonus 3: Navidad Flamenca & Contemporary Flamenco Fusions

With this Bonus you get a treat if you are intrigued and excited to discover how the styles of flamenco sung and danced during a Zambomba celebration are a source of inspiration for contemporary cultural dancers, guitarists, percussionists, and singers.

We'll catch a glimpse of spellbinding fusions that are expanding on the time-honored traditional forms in flamenco

There is More! Grab Your ADDITIONAL BONUSES

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Special Bonus 1: Navidad Flamenca Performance Direct from Spain 

Enjoy a legendary Navidad Flamenca performance direct from Spain. You will have the opportunity to revel in a show by world-class, internationally acclaimed flamenco performers such as Kini de Jerez, Mara Rey and Ana de los Reyes.

Special Bonus 2: Unique Performance by Coro of Grandma María

The essence of Navidad Flamenca is charmingly expressed by the Coro of Grandma María. They carry the tradition and take us back to the roots of flamenco as a folk art, evoking overtones of primal ancestral memories.

Let's Review...


Enjoy our traditional Navidad Flamenca celebration in Jerez (Spain). Through multimedia presentations, exclusive videos, accurate transcription of selected lyrics, curated music discography, lectures, and handout downloads, you'll get to experience this amazing, joyful tradition!


ūüéČ November 24th, 2023:¬†core content released. Exclusive access to selected celebrations, performances, and events.¬†
ūüéČ January 2024: release of bonuses, plus additional exclusive videos that you can't find anywhere else. Bonus interactive Q&A.
ūüéČ Access to all the recordings and bonuses until November 1st, 2024.


ūüĆü To learn about the roots of flamenco.
ūüĆü To help keep alive a tradition that has been in danger of extinction for a long time.
ūüĆü To enjoy an extraordinary experience in the comfort of your home without costing you an arm and a leg in airfare, taxis, hotels, meals, etc.
ūüĆü If you are a¬†flamenco singer, dancer, guitar player or scholar,¬†this experience can greatly enhance your repertoire and your expertise¬†thereby increasing your cachet and prestige.


I am Puela Lunaris, delighted to be your guide! Not only am I a native Spaniard, I am also a multimedia producer, a flamenco cultural consultant, a dance educator, and the founder of Raíces Flamencas, a program devoted to safeguarding aspects of flamenco in danger of extinction.

In addition, I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Culture and Dance Education from the State University of New York (SUNY) and a Master of Science in Digital Media from New York University (NYU). Most importantly, I have been researching and recording authentic Zambomba rituals (Navidad Flamenca) in Jerez since 2004.


Join us for our exciting online experience of traditional flamenco Christmas festivities, direct from Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), the Flamenco Capital of the World! If you can't come to Spain just yet, let's enjoy Spain together from the comfort of your home!

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  • History & Culture
  • Romances
  • Campanilleros
  • Villancicos 
  • Canciones Populares
  • Traditional Instruments
  • LIVE, interactive Experience


  • Making of a Zambomba
  • What Is Aflamencamiento?
  • Bulerías de Jerez en Navidad
  • Flamenco Stars 
  • Contemporary Flamenco Fusions
  • Transcriptions of Selected Lyrics,
  • Discography
  • Filmography
  • Plus, Delightful Surprises...
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3 Monthly Payments of



  • History & Culture
  • Romances
  • Campanilleros
  • Villancicos 
  • Canciones Populares
  • Traditional Instruments
  • LIVE, interactive Experience


  • Making of a Zambomba
  • What Is Aflamencamiento?
  • Bulerías de Jerez en Navidad
  • Plus, Delightful Surprises...
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